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|| S4 service || usage limits / period \\ ||
| Text analytics (news, news classifier, life science and social media) | *250 MB of data* processed / monthly |
| Image tagging & classification in web pages (via Imagga API) \\ | *2,000 images* / monthly \\ |
| access to knowledge graphs (Freebase/Wikidata, DBpedia and GeoNames) | *5,000 SPARQL queries* / monthly \\ |
| RDF graph database in the Cloud (self-managed) | *no limits* (the customer is in control of how the service is used) |

[Sample code|S4docs:Sample Code] is available in the following programming languages:
* Java
h1. SDKs

We provide [Java|Java SDK] and [C#|C Sharp SDK] SDKs to make accessing S4 services and application development easier for Java/C# developers.

h1. Swagger

The Swagger documentation for the REST APIs is available at