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News Analytics
text analytics service for extracting news-related entities such as people, locations, organizations, dates, currency and more. Whenever possible, the entities are linked to reference data from knowledge graphs (Linked Data sets) like DBpedia, Wikidata and GeoName. POST
News Analytics (German)
Text analytics service for extracting entities such as people, locations, organizations, dates, currency and more. POST
News Classifier analytics service that categorises news articles according to the top 17 categories of the IPTC (International Telecommunications Press Council) standard taxonomy POST
Semantic Biomedical Tagger text analytics service for extracting more than 130 biomedical entities (such as organisms, tissues, cells, disease and syndromes, healthcare procedures, etc) and semantically linking them to reference entities from the LinkedLifeData knowledge graph, which combines 25+ biomedical datasets POST
Healthcare-Tagger A text analysis service, which is focused on information extraction of medical knowledge from clinical notes, discharge summaries, as well as many other types of medical records. The service is able to extract multiple named entity types taking into consideration their tempoarality and negation statements. Besides NER, the service extract complex relations, like medication dosing, which identify a specific drug prescirption routine (drug form, administration route, single dose, repetition) for specific medical condition, treatment phase and population group. POST
Twitter Analytics text analytics service for tweets: tokenisation, sentence splitting and part-of-speech tagging, normalisation of abbreviations frequently found in Tweets ("brb", "ttyl", "gr8", "2day", etc.), tagging of hashtags and @mentions, as well as URLs and emoticons, general named-entity recognition for basic entity types such as Person, Location, Organization, Money amounts, Time and Date expressions, etc. POST
Knowledge Graph SPARQL endpoint to the FactForge knowledge graph integrating DBpedia, Freebase & GeoNames GET, POST
semantic graph database (self-managed) A self-managed version of the GraphDB semantic graph database, running in the AWS cloud and available via the AWS marketplace on a variety of EC2 instances: from 1-core / 2 GB RAM to 8-core / 64 GB RAM http://<instance-public-url>:8080/graphdb/ GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
semantic graph database (fully managed) A fully managed (database-as-a-service) version of the GraphDB semantic graph database. Automated upgrades, provisioning, backups and restores. DBaaS options for RDF graphs of up to 10M, 50M, 250M and 1B triples GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
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