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On-demand and Low-cost Smart Data Management

Hidden within mountains of unstructured data and free flowing text are insights you need to manage your business and compete efficiently.  People, places, events, organizations and relationships are referenced in text but almost impossible to find without the right tools. The complexity and cost of typical enterprise solutions for text analytics and smart data management are among the limiting factors for evaluating and prototyping with semantic approaches for data management. On premise hardware and software costs create additional barriers to entry.

What if your company had the ability to easily and quickly apply a full suite of semantic data management and text analytics without the need for complex planning, investment and provisioning? What if you could do this at a low cost, on demand, anytime, anywhere?

The Self-Service Semantic Suite (S4) delivers key capabilities for on-demand and low-cost Smart Data management and analytics:

  • various text analytics services for news, Life Sciences and social media that allow you to extract valuable meaning and insights used to manage your business
  • on-demand and reliable access to key knowledge graphs, such as DBpedia, Freebase/Wikidata and GeoNames. These datasets provide facts you can use to enhance your semantic analysis
  • a self-managed or fully-managed scalable RDF graph database-as-a-service, so that you can search and update semantic facts loaded from knowledge graphs or your own documents

S4 is the perfect solution for companies that need to analyze textual content and enrich it with semantic data. Imagine if you could extract valuable information from text including people, organizations, and locations from news sources, or hundreds of biomedical entities such as diseases, interactions, genes and sequences from bio-medical texts? Your ability to uncover important facts buried within mountains of text would increase productivity and lead to improved decision making.

Access the S4 platform within seconds: there is no need for upfront payments of software licenses and hardware infrastructure – with S4 you have the freedom and flexibility to pay for only the resources you use.


The S4 platform is based on enterprise-grade technology from Ontotext including our leading RDF engine (GraphDB) and high performance text mining solutions successfully applied in some of the largest enterprises in the world. We have taken proven technology used in publishing & media, government agencies and life sciences and made is available to you. S4 is designed to deliver a highly available and scalable solution that can be accessed via simple RESTful services at a very low cost.

More Information

Contact us via email or online chat to find out more about how your organization can benefit from the Self-Service Semantic Suite and follow @Ontotext_S4 and the S4 blog for product updates and feedback.

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