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To help demonstrate the power and ease of use of S4, Ontotext is introducing the S4 Developers Challenge.  The challenge will award $1,000 to developers that write interesting demos, applications or show cases utilizing the S4 capabilities for text analytics, linked data and knowledge graph management.

The Challenge will be running several times per year, and the next Challenge will be between March 1st - 31st, 2015.


All developers are welcome to submit their code for the challenge. The submissions must follow these requirements:

  1. The applications must use some of the S4 text analytics services: News / Bio-medical / Twitter annotation, or the News Classifier. Applications that also use the LOD service and/or utilize a self-managed RDF database in the Cloud (GraphDB) will get a higher evaluation score, but such use is optional and is not a requirement.
  2. Source code and accompanying documentation must be available under an open source Apache Software License 2.0. The Developer retains all intellectual property rights to the submitted application.
  3. The final version of the source code must be submitted to the GitHub repository for the challenge, though developers are free to use a source code management system of their choice during the development period.
  4. Sufficient documentation for deploying, configuring and running the application must be provided. Developers should also be available for inquiries by the S4 team during the evaluation period, in case further clarifications are needed.
  5. If applications require access to 3rd party web APIs these APIs must provide a free quota (e.g. Twitter, Webhose.io, Google Visualisation API, etc.), so the application can be used without the need for a paid 3rd party API access
  6. The application must be an original work of the developers, who by submitting it warrant that the application does not infringe any rights of third parties.

Participation & Evaluation

  • Developers who are interested in participating in the S4 Developers Challenge can send an email to s4-info@ontotext.com or submit a request via the S4 helpdesk and they will be granted write access to the GitHub repository for the challenge
  • The applications will be evaluated by Ontotext developers as well as a group of external experts in the area of text analytics, Linked Data and Semantic Technologies
  • The applications will be ranked according to the following criteria:
    • Innovation & creativeness (40%)
    • Functionality & development effort (30%)
    • Code & documentation quality (20%)
    • S4 users vote (10%)

More Information

More details regarding the participation, prize and conditions are available on the S4 Developers Challenge page

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