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Source code
The source code and the XPI package for the Firefox plugin are available from the S4 GitHub repository.


The Mozilla Firefox add-on for S4 provides an easy way for using the S4 text analytics services directly from the browser. After installing the plugin, the user should configure it by specifying the private API key/secret pair and the specific S4 text analytics service to be used for annotation.

The source code for the add-on is available from the S4 GitHub repository.


The add-on can be installed from the Mozilla Marketplace, or directly from an XPI file available from the S4 GitHub


  • The browser plugin works with recent versions (v.27 +) of the Firefox web browser
  • the user needs to authenticate with its private S4 API key/secret pair, which can be generated via the S4 Management Console from

Installing from the Mozilla Marketplace

The plugin is available from Mozilla Marketplace at 

Follow the standard installation steps for Forefox add-ons (no browser restart will be required)

Installing from File

The S4 add-on can be alternatively installed directly from the XPI package available on the S4 GitHub.

The installation from a file process contains the following steps:

  1. The user downloads the s4firefoxaddon.xpi file
  2. The user opens the file with Mozilla Firefox browser
  3. The user will need to confirm that the install the add-on will be installed
  4. The user will see an Installation Successful confirmation message and the S4 add-on icon will appear in the lower right corner of the browser window (part of the Add-ons bar)


Before the S4 add-on can be used, the user has to perform the required configuration, namely to specify the credentials (API key/secret) to be used for accessing the S4 services.

API key/secret pairs can be be generated via the S4 Management Console from More information on API keys and authentication is available at REST APIs

Upon activating the S4 add-on for the first time (by clicking on the "S4" icon in the toolbar), the following configuration dialog will appear:

The user should provide a valid API key/secret pair and choose the default S4 text analytics service to be used. The API key/secret pair as well as the S4 text analytics service can be changed at any time by activating the S4 add-on again.

Using the Add-on

Any time the browser has loaded a web page the user can select some text snippet on the page and activate the context menu (right click). "Annotate Selection with S4" should appear on the context menu:

After the text snippet is sent to S4 for processing the following pop-up will show the results from the text annotation process:

An example for using the Firefox add-on for S4 on a bio-medical document looks like:

The description of the annotation results of the different text analytics services is available as follows:

Uninstalling the Add-on

The S4 add-on for Firefox can be uninstalled at any time from the "Add-ons" tab of Firefox.

Next Steps

The S4 add-on for Firefox provides an easy way for developers and language engineers to test the S4 text analytics results directly from the Firefox browser. If you haven't done so already - register and start using S4 right away!

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