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What is it?

The Self-Service Semantic Suite (S4) provides a set of capabilities for low-cost, on-demand text analytics and metadata management on the cloud:

Getting Started

It's easy!

  • register for a developer account at s4.ontotext.com
  • get an API key
  • take a look at the various demos and sample code
  • start using the RESTful APIs to process text documents, manage RDF graph databases, or query knowledge graphs


The S4 service stack is based on an enterprise-grade technology from Ontotext, including our leading RDF engine (GraphDB) as well as high-performance text mining solutions, successfully applied within some of the largest enterprises in the world. We have taken a proven technology used in publishing & media, government agencies and life sciences, and made it available to you.

S4 is designed to deliver a highly available and scalable solution that can be accessed via simple RESTful services at a very low cost. More technical details on the S4 architecture and operations are available in the various papers, webinars and talks on S4.


Currently using S4 is free within the announced free quota limits. Pricing plans for usage beyond the free tier will be available in Q2'2015.

Free Tier Quotas

S4 service free usage limits
Text analytics (news, life science and social media) 250 MB of data processed (monthly)
access to knowledge graphs (Freebase, DBpedia/Wikidata and GeoNames) 5,000 SPARQL queries (monthly)
RDF graph database in the Cloud (self-managed)
no limits (the customer is in control of how the service is used)
RDF graph database in the Cloud (fully managed database-as-a-service) 1,000,000 triples stored in the database

Support & Feedback

The following channels are available for customer support, feedback and general information:

Changes Log

The list of updates and bugfixes is available here.

Security & Privacy

Privacy Statement

The Privacy Statement clarifies the policies regarding the collection, use and disclosure of certain information relating to your use of S4 related services:

  • Ontotext is the sole owner of the information collected using S4 and this information is not shared with 3rd parties
  • cookies are required for the use of the S4 Management Console
  • Ontotext as well as the public Cloud Service Provider (CSP) may collect information on IP addresses to analyze trends, administer the site, track user's movement but the IP addresses are not linked to personally identifiable information
  • we do not retain a copy of the submitted content and claim no rights to the content You supplied
  • Your content is stored only temporarily on the S4 platform while it is being processed and deleted upon the successful completion of the S4 service request
  • We may be collecting and analysing various content and usage related metrics for the purpose optimizing the service performance, availability and scalability as well as for metering and billing purposes
  • Usage metrics and queries to public datasets available like DBPedia, Freebase, Geonames may be analysed for the purpose of optimizing the service performance, availability and scalability as well as for metering and billing purposes


The following security related best practices have been implemented within S4:

  • firewalls protecting network access
  • data transport encryption (via SSL)
  • user supplied text data is not stored permanently (user supplied data is only transient in S4 while being processed, usually for less than one second)
  • all user calls undergo authentication & authorisation (via personal API keys and access control)
  • detailed logging of the access to various S4 infrastructure components
  • the platform infrastructure is constantly being monitored for potential security threats and abnormal situations

HIPAA Compliance

S4 is currently not HIPAA compliant and it is not suited to use cases, processing sensitive personal health record information.

S4 developers Challenge

To help demonstrate the power and ease of use of S4, Ontotext will organise a S4 Developers Challenge multiple times per year.  The challenge will award $1,000 to developers that submit interesting demos, applications or show cases utilizing the S4 capabilities for text analytics, linked data and knowledge graph management.

See the full details regarding the requirements, participation and prize on the S4 Developers Challenge page.

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